Peru looking for revenge against Chile

(LIP-wb) — After an incident with a journalist, the Peruvian football selection trained behind closed doors yesterday at the Jorge Basadre stadium in Tacna in Southern Peru.

After Saturday’s lackluster effort in a 2:3 loss against Chile in Vina del Mar, and the turbulence caused by Claudio Pizarro’s early departure back to Germany, both teams will square off in a rematch on Peruvian soil tonight.

Peruvian manager Franco Navarro is expected to shake up his starting lineup quite a bit.

He announced that Diego Penny (Bolognesi) will replace Leao Butrón between the goal posts, and the defensive line will consist of Amilton Prado, Walter Vílchez, and Miguel Villalta. The fourth spot will either go to Luis Hernandez or Jhoel Herrera.

Carlos Zegarra is penciled in as playmaker in central midfield, with Rinaldo Cruzado, Jean Ferrari and Roberto Palacios on his side. Alexander Sánchez and Paolo Guerrero will remain in the lineup leading the attack.

Chile’s coach Nelson Acosta is also expected to switch goalies, giving Claudio Bravo a his chance.
In defense, Waldo Ponce, Jorge Vargas, Pablo Contreras, and Luis Pedro Figueroa, Eros Perez, Manuel Iturra, Jorge Acuña, Jorge Valdivia in midfield; and Mauricio Pinilla next to Reinaldo Navia as strikers.

The referee of this second match will be Ecuadorian Samuel Haro.

The Chilean delegation will arrive in Tacna today. Kickoff is at 8:00 p.m.