Spanish company will restore Peruvian train


The Department of Transport and Communications announced that the Spanish company Ferrocarril Español de Vía Estrecha will be hired to recover the Peruvian train that makes the route from Huancayo to Huancavelica (Central Peru)
The Peruvian ambassador in Spain, Fernando Olivera has recommend to hire this Spanish company, and the hire process has many unclear and doubtful points as the following:

The government published a new law to contract this company without making the normal public auction that is made in these cases. The government is also refusing the proposal made by a Peruvian company, whose budget is around $10 millions less than the $27 millions that the Spanish company will charge.

Besides that, the project will not go through the inspection of the Sistema Nacional de Inversiones Públicas (National system for public investments). Finally experts in railways and trains explained that the Spanish company will build a narrow track of 91 centimeters, which is not used anymore as most of the countries use the standard track of 1,45 meters.