Peru Government allows adoption of 28 Peruvian children

(LIP-wb) — The campaign "Ángeles que aguardan" (Angels who wait) of Peru’s Ministry for Woman and Social Development allowed the adoption of 28 children – 18 boys and 10 girls – by Peruvian and foreign parents.

Sahda Fayad, head of the National Secretariat for Adoptions, said the children come from biological parents with mental problems, retardation, schizophrenia, or they are victims of sexual violation.

With respect to the adopting families, she indicated that ten of them are Peruvian couples, three are married with foreigners, and 15 are foreign.

“We tried to get a complete diagnosis of the boys and girls, mentally and physically. We wanted to provide truthful and transparent information for the adopting families with the objective to create a satisfactory and healthy relation”, affirmed Sahda Fayad.