US$ 25 mln. investment to reforest 16,000 hectares in Peru

(LIP-wb) — Peru’s Minister for Agriculture, Juan Jose Salazar, announced on Thursday a first investment of 25 million dollars for the reforestation of 16,000 hectares (almost 40,000 acres) in the western department of Ucayali.

Salazar informed that the trans-national company "Sustainable Forestry Management" will finance the proposal that includes the installation of high-tech tree nurseries to produce 10 million trees, specifically mahogany and screwbean.

The Minister advanced that currently only one single nursery exists in Peru for these type of trees, which is located in the area of Oxapampa and produces about a million trees.

“With this initial investment we are convinced that we can reach our goal of reforesting 500,000 hectares over the next five years”, he said.

From an economic persepective, he asserted that this project would allow Peru to increase annual exports from US$ 150 million to US$ 1.5 billion.

Salazar made these statements after meeting with the president of "Sustainable Forestry Management", Alan Bernstein, and the Peruvian President Alan Garcia at the Government Palace.