Peruvian filmmakers launch “Peru Pantalla” campaign

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enlargePeruviana filmmakers and actors launch the ‘Peru Pantalla’ campaign for more financial support
Photo: RPP Noticias

(LIP-wb) — Joshua Méndez, a young Peruvian film director and scriptwriter, also known for directing TV series such as "La Gran Sangre“ and “Dias de Santiago”, heads the committee, together with twelve producers of Peruvian national cinema, that will be in charge of a campaign that will evaluate the government’s financial support for the industry.

The committee has already created a monument at the Presidential office in which they express their points of view, framed in the campaign “Peru Pantalla” (Peru Screen).

The whole Peruvian audio-visual community, including art and cultural institutions such as Cinema Peru, the Peruvian Audiovisual Industry Society (SPIA), the Association of Cinematographic Producers of Peru (APCP), the Peruvian Artists Union (SAIP), among others, maintain that this is a good opportunity to make sure President Alan Garcia keep his promises from his election campaign in favor of youth and culture.

"The president committed himself to support culture and youth during his campaign and now has the perfect opportunity to stick to this commitment, which is part of our national culture. In the last 4 years, numerous young directors and actors have surfaced with films that made a great impression in international festivals. Nevertheless, in the last 10 years only 50 Peruvian films have been made, which is an example that the State has not followed its own law by giving us only 15% of the 7 million total promised”, complained Méndez.

“Neither Alejandro Toledo nor Alberto Fujimori obeyed the law. Both broke it, failed to fulfill it. They only gave us the 15% they had to give and the idea is to make the new government aware that this jeopardized the development of our young artists and the cinema culture in general”, the film director stressed.

Joshua Méndez added the “Peru Pantalla” campaign receives more and more recognition and support, but they are not an official union or guild.

“We are not a union counting on one million members. We are not trying a media backlash. But we already presented our case and we will continue to draw attention with our campaign, publicly and in the mass media”, he declared.

Simultaneously, he indicated that the timeframe established by the law ends at the end of the November, when the 2007 State budget defined by the government is passed. Thus they hope to receive an answer of President Alan Garcia before month’s end.

Among the supporters are Peruvian actors Gianfranco Brero, Elvira de la Puente, Melania Urbina, Sandro Ventura and Jimena Lindo.