King of Spain not pleased about Peruvian President’s absence at Latin American summit

(LIP-wb) — His Majesty, King Juan Carlos of Spain, expressed his disappointment in Peru’s President Alan Garcia who decided not to attend the Latin American Summit held in the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo, even though he promised his participation in a previous telephone conversation.

Initially, Garcia expressed he would not attend but changed his mind after the conversation with the King and the strong bilateral relations between both countries.

Nevertheless, Garcia ultimately canceled his trip to Uruguay because of security concerns, after receiving information from U.S. intelligence of a presumed assassination plot against him, and also to respond to domestic criticizm voiced on his first hundred days in Peru’s highest office.

According to the website of Diario Hispano Peruano,  similar disappointment was caused by the absence of recently re-elected Brazilian President Ignacio Lula da Silva, who decided to rest from his campaign activities and to remain in his country.