Garcia: Peru and Brazil trust in the power of its people

Peru's and Brazil's presidents Garcia and Lula da Silva

enlargePeru’s President Alan Garcia, left, smiles with Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva during a meeting at the Presidential Palace in Brasilia
Photo: AP/Eraldo Peres

(LIP-wb) — Peruvian President Alan Garcia said at the "Plan Alto" Palace in Brasilia on Thursday that Peru and Brazil “are countries trusting in the power of its people and democracy. We agreed on the necessity of development, the necessity of counting on technology and global investment for progress in our countries”.

In his speech Garcia emphasized the brotherhood of both peoples and applauded the signature of twelve important agreements on bilateral cooperation with the government of President Lula da Silva. Peru joined Brazil’s US$1.4 billion Amazon Surveillance System, which monitors the climate and air traffic.

“We agreed in the necessities of better distributing the benefits of our economic production and an educative revolution that opens our conscience and gives us greater capacities for the future. It is our historical responsibility to build the South American union that gives our people greater presence and greater strength," Garcia told Lula.

"Our relation is not against anyone, it is not confrontational, not just sweet talk or ideologies, but concrete actions."

Silva, who was re-elected for a second four-year term on October 29th, emphasized that he and Garcia had earned another chance to work toward cooperation.

"We can learn from our mistakes, correct them and make sure they won’t happen again. Our people gave us a chance and we have to use this opportunity to make our dreams come true," he said.