Peru’s Garcia accuses Chavez of simplistic, offensive and anti-integrationist vision

(LIP-wb) — The diplomatic divorce between Peru and Venezuela caused by “irreconcilable differences” becomes increasingly evident and it seems extremely difficult that two governments with such different concepts and ideologies can narrow the gap by creating a policy of understanding.

In an interview published in Sunday’s Venezuelan daily "El Universal", Peru’s President Alan Garcia said that the Venezuelan chief of State Hugo Chavez "exercises power with a club or bag of money, blackmail and seduction," and later added: "I prefer to formulate my ideas rationally.”

"Nobody can be forced to think like another. This is “abusive and imposing, and is against history, Bolivar and the South American union. When the continent is split with a sword — ‘you are with me or with the United States’ — a simplistic, offensive and anti-integrationist vision is expressed," he told El Universal.

"The world must take advantage of its positive factors and limit the negatives, like injustice, and that cannot be changed by a sword of a small South American country, no matter how much money it has”, he added.

"Nobody has the right to impose his way to other people. Nobody has the right to call someone a traitor because he does not think and act like him. That is intolerant and has nothing to do with democracy. Democracy has nothing to do with people’s psychological intolerance”, he emphasized.

Garcia also denied reports in the media suggesting that Brazilian president Luis Inazio Lula da Silva has offered to mediate in resurrecting the deteriorated relations between Venezuela and Peru and said that he will maintain “an attitude of principles” as opposed to Chávez’s financial policies based on free oil supply.

“Peru’s economy is much bigger and doesn’t need someone’s alms in order to buy people’s consciences. And I am not even a capitalist, I am a man of the socialist left”, he stated twice.