Peru’s Transport Minister asks for cooperation in ‘Zero Tolerance” policy

(LIP-wb) — Peru’s Minister of Transportation and Communication, Verónica Zavala, asked business owners, drivers, conductors and passengers of public transportation vehicles to collaborate with the “Zero Tolerance” control plan that went in effect at midnight. The initiative has the objective to prevent traffic accidents on Peru’ treacherous highways.

The minister requested to take precautionary measures in order to avoid that a trip is interrupted and ordered to return to its point of departure, in case technical or legal irregularities on vehicles are detected, or the driver is not fit to operate the vehicle, putting his own life and the life of passengers at risk.

In an official note the Ministry informed that in Lima and surroundings control posts and sentry-boxes are located in Ancón (North), Corcona (Center) and Chilca (South).

Another bus accident in Huancavelica leaves 17 dead and 20 injured Operation “Zero Tolerance” will check the condition of tires, lights, windshields and retroreflective tapes of omnibuses, and if they have an operative license, effective technical inspection and mandatory insurance (SOAT).

Drivers must carry their public transportation license and may undergo special physical and psychological tests which are carried out randomly.

Just yesterday, another horrific accident occurred in the department of Huancavelica taking the lives of at least 17 passengers and left 20 seriously injured after a bus went off the road and fell into an abyss about 100 meters deep.

Apparently the bus’s brakes failed.

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– Peru: ‘zero tolerance’ policy for public transportation goes in effect (LIP, Nov. 8, 2006)