Peru government says APEC summit exceeded their expectations

(LIP-wb) — Peru’s minister for Foreign Trade and Tourism, Mercedes Aráoz, emphasized that the results of Peru’s participation at the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit (APEC) exceeded original expectations.


Aráoz maintained that Peru’s foreign trade will benefit greatly after discussing new commercial and political opportunities with ten different countries.

At a concluding press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, the minister stated that Peru’s delegation had meetings with high representatives from Australia, Canada, Chile, China, South Korea, USA, the Philippines, New Zealand, Singapur and Thailand.

Significant progress was made for a future Free-Trade agreement with Canada and South Korea shows interest in equal opportunities.

Peruvian and Canadian representatives will meet in December to discuss and analyze a first draft for the contents an terms of such an agreement. Both countries already signed an agreement for Protection and Promotion of Investments during the summit.

Aráoz justified the absence of president Alan Garcia at the summit, assuring that our country was very well represented by Vice-President Luis Giampietri.


The minister pointed out again that there is no room for a renegotiation of the Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA) with the United States. However, she recognized the possibility of establishing some additional commitments on subjects like labor and environment provisions.