Peruvian shopping center reduces exports to cover local demands

Gamarra shopping center in Lima's La Victoria district(LIP-wb) — The coordinator of Lima’s shopping center "Gamarra", located in the district of La Victoria, affirmed that its retailers will reduce exports to Ecuador and Chile in order to cover local customer demands in anticipation of the lucrative Christmas market.

The president of the retailer’s union, Diogenes Alva, explained that Gamarra, who has market shares in Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia, will reduce shipments to Chile and Ecuador with the purpose of increasing its supply for the Peruvian market, and also because the two countries have tightened import regulations, making it more difficult for Peruvian products to enter their markets during the season.

Gamarra also exports to the United States and supplies Peruvian provinces outside Lima. Stock and production plans for December sales already began in  October, Alva said. 

He projects that for this Christmas, sales would grow between 20 and 25 percents with respect to 2005, based on greater supply and better prices.