Doe Run Peru completes La Oroya water treatment project

(official Doe Run press release)



Sewage system will reduce housing-related discharges into Mantaro River and tributaries

ST. LOUIS (November 30, 2006) – The Doe Run Company’s subsidiary, Doe Run Peru, has inaugurated a third wastewater treatment facility near its La Oroya metals processing complex, which will reduce discharges into the Mantaro River from company housing installations and plant sanitation facilities.

The plant’s opening represents the last of three facilities that make up the Residual Water Treatment Project. The project, finished with an investment of $7.25 million, represents one of nine environmental projects related to Doe Run Peru’s environmental operating agreement (PAMA) with the government of Peru.

Earlier this year the company inaugurated the Chulec water treatment facility and the nearby Huaymanta plant, which has significantly reduced pollutants discharged into the Yauli River, a tributary of the Mantaro.

"For us it is essential that we make good on our agreements, and the completion of this project is further proof of our commitment to Peru and to the people of La Oroya," said Doe Run Peru President Juan Carlos Huyhua.

The ninth environmental project involves the construction of three sulfuric acid plants, which are expected to bring sulfur dioxide emissions within permissible limits. Earlier this year the Peruvian government approved Doe Run Peru’s request for an extension on its PAMA to allow the company to prioritize the central health issue in the community, exposure to lead, which the sulfuric acid plants do not address.

Additionally, Doe Run Peru has spent millions to benefit more than 100,000 people through its social responsibility programs, including providing essential, affordable electricity in remote areas; animal husbandry, agricultural and vocational programs; child lunch programs; school refurbishment; public parks establishment, bathroom and laundry establishment; and supporting medical/surgical programs such as Rotaplast International’s "Smile in the Andes" program for area children.

For more information on Doe Run Peru’s environmental or community projects, please visit http://www.doerun.com/uploadfile/peruprogressupdate-env.pdf
http://www.doerun.com/uploadfile/PeruProgressupdate-social.pdf, respectively.

Based in St. Louis, The Doe Run Company is a privately held natural resources company dedicated to environmentally responsible mineral production, metals fabrication, recycling and reclamation. The company and its subsidiaries deliver products and services needed to provide power, protection and convenience through premium products and associated metals including lead, zinc, copper, gold and silver. As the operator of one of the world’s only multi-metal facilities and the Americas’ largest integrated lead producer, Doe Run employs more than 5,000 people, with U.S. operations in Missouri, Washington and Arizona, and Peruvian operations in Cobriza and La Oroya. Committed to sustainable development, The Doe Run Company has helped bring electrical power, business training, educational opportunities and improved telecommunications to rural communities in Peru and the U.S.
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