Peru- Government reduces Supreme Court salaries

Peruvian President Alan Garcia

Peruvian President Alan Garcia
(LIP-jl) — The Peruvian government officially reduced the salaries of Supreme Court Justices and other high level judiciary authorities to 15,600 soles (USD4875) per month.

After more then 100 days in office, President Garcia is keeping his promise to drastically reduce bureaucratic costs and put the savings to good use in areas of need.

Made public in the state newspaper El Peruano, the salary cuts affect the President of the Supreme Court, the members of the Constitutional Tribunal, and the counselors of the National Council of Magistrates.

The salary cuts will also affect the Peruvian Attorney General, Supreme attorneys, the magistrates of the National Jury of Elections, as well as the position of the People’s defender.

The salary cuts are in line with President Alan Garcia’s plan of austerity. These cuts were made in the name of national interest as they will help finance many areas in the federal government that are in dire need of funding, such as the national healthcare system and education.

At the end of last September, the Peruvian Congress voted in favor of reducing the monthly salary of 26,000 soles (USD8,125) to 15,600 soles (USD4875). The pay reduction was similar to that adopted by members of congress and the ministers in President Garcia’s cabinet.

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