Number of Limeans who want to leave Peru drops

(LIP-jl) – According to a new survey by the Social Barometer Public Opinion Group from the University of Lima (GOP in Spanish) 52.9% of Limeans (including residents of the port city of Callao) said they would prefer to stay in Peru despite the fact Peru does not offer the best conditions for personal development. On the other hand, 46.2% of those surveyed said they would rather live elsewhere for an opportunity of a better future.

84% of those who stated they wanted to migrate said they would do so for jobs, while 7.9% would like to live in a more organized society. The preferred destinations are Spain (35.1%), the United States (24.1%), and Italy (14.4%).

The survey also asked participants if they had a close relative who lived outside of Peru and 51.8% said no while 48.2% stated yes. Of the 48.2% who are living abroad, 65.5% provide economic support for their loved ones.

The survey was administered on the 2nd and 3rd of December and asked 615 citizens from Lima and Callao about the topic of migration revealing a small gap between optimism and conformity.