Peruvian President Garcia refuses to comment on Pinochet’s death

(LIP-wb) — Peruvian President Alan Garcia refused to comment on the death of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet who passed away in Santiago de Chile last Sunday at the age of 91.

“If somebody wants to ask to me on the death of Pinochet, I will tell him that I am not going to give my opinion according to my political convictions”, Garcia said on Monday during a meeting with journalists at the Government Palace.

Pinochet will be cremated on Tuesday after a funeral at the military college in Santiago where he began a career that made him infamous around the world for human rights abuses.

Some 3,000 relatives, friends and top Chilean military officers were expected to pack a patio on the college grounds to bid farewell to a man who ruled Chile from 1973-90.

Chile’s center-left government denied Pinochet the full state funeral usually reserved for former presidents, angering the general’s supporters. President Michelle Bachelet, who was tortured during Pinochet’s rule, did not attend.