Peru- Credit card use in provinces is increasing

Credit Card

enlargeThis sign is becoming more common in Peru’s provinces
(LIP-jl) — According to the General Sales Manager from VisaNet Peru, Cesar Rodriguez, sales in provinces have accounted for 13% of all transactions thus far, compared to 9% for all of 2005.

It is important to note that sales from the current holiday shopping season will surely increase the figure.

Credit cards not only help formalize a large number of businesses, but they also help increase sales volumes. It is for this reason that 6,000 new businesses will incorporate themselves into Peru’s credit card network.

According to Rodriguez, VisaNet will have 28,000 registered affiliates in all of Peru by the end of the year.

An important figure to note, is that of all of the credit card transactions made, 70% are for basic services such as electricity, water, and telephone followed by clothing sales.