Peru- Watch out for tampered holiday food products


A holiday favorite in Peru, Paneton
(LIP-jl) — The Peruvian Association of Consumers (ASPEC in Spanish) warned consumers about buying tampered holiday food products.

Jaime Delgado, president of ASPEC, informed the public about avoiding irregular food products such as chocolate with little or no cocoa, frozen turkeys with ice incorporated into their weight value, and generic panetones (fruit cake) sold in name-brand packaging.

Delgado recommended making your holiday purchases in established businesses and to choose recognizable name brands (in untampered packaging) to avoid an unpleasant surprise at your holiday table.

Delgado emphasized reading important information on packaging that lists production and expirations dates, and company contact information.

However, the most important signal that a product has been elaborated in an informal manner is its cost. If the product’s price is to good to be true, then Delgado advises consumers to stay away as informal production greatly reduces production and retail costs.