Desperate Housewives and Lost to appear on Peruvian TV


Desperate Housewives

(LIP-jl) — The popular American hit television shows, Desperate Housewives and Lost, have been scheduled to be part of the new 2007 lineup on the Peruvian television network ATV.

Desperate Housewives and Lost have been incredible successes in the United States and ATV expects the shows to catch on among Peruvian audiences as well.

ATV may see this as a trial run for the women of Wisteria Lane since Buena Vista International Television Latin America announced plans to produce four new versions of the Golden-Globe winning series in Spanish and Portuguese.

The new shows will air in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil. According to Fernando Barbosa, the vice president of Buena Vista International Television Latin America, "the script of the series perfectly fits the profile of what the Latin American audience looks for. It looks similar to the telenovelas."

Desperate Housewives and Lost will air on weekends at night in 2007.