Two men burned alive by angry mob in Huancayo, Peru

crime scene

A Peruvian police officer recovers evidence from the crime scene

(LIP-jl) — In one of the most horrific and disturbing events of the year, townspeople from the district of Quisqui (pronounced keesky), located in the central Andean city of Huancayo, took the law into their own hands and brutally murdered two men accused of being thieves.

The victims, identified by authorities as Wilder Cecilio Borja (26), and his cousin Dario Cecilio Tucto (18), were killed in extremely brutal fashion by angry townspeople who accused them of stealing farm animals from the area.

According to reports by the victims’ families, the two men were taken to the town center where they were severely beaten. Afterwards, the angry mob proceeded to choke the men to death by applying tourniquets around their necks.

As the men lay on the ground, still showing signs of life, the mob doused them in gasoline and set them on fire.

To make matters worse, the senseless and cruel murders, which took place on December 15, were reported to authorities almost a week after the crimes occurred.

Peruvian authorities hope to catch those responsible for this barbaric act and bring them to justice soon.