Peru: 12 nearly drown after boat sinks in La Punta

search rescuers

Rescuers on the scene

(LIP-jl) — 9 children and 3 adults nearly drowned after their boat sank in the waters off the shore of La Punta, Callao Monday afternoon.

The occupants of the boat were enjoying their New Year’s holiday when their boat sank, apparently caused by having too many passengers on board and exceeding the boat’s weight capacity.

The victims were rescued by volunteer firefighters and were taken to Daniel Alcides Carrion Hospital in Callao, reported Peru’s RPP Radio.

According to Victor Sanchez Acevedo, chief of Carrion Hospital, 8 of the 9 children are under observation due to the trauma of the near drowning. Additionally, he stated they will be released after they are declared out of danger.

A 3 year old girl has been admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit due to the high probability of developing pneumonia after the ordeal.