Peruvian police sting nets 300 robbers, drug dealers, prostitutes, & counterfeiters


Police nabbed Flilberto Tacsa Rodriguez (25) with counterfeited U.S. notes valued at US$96,000.

(LIP-jl) — A major police sting conducted throughout Lima last night captured more than 300 criminals ranging from robbers to counterfeiters informed General Octavio Salazar, Chief of the Peruvian National Police’s (PNP) 7th Region.

The sting included the participation of many of the PNP resources and manpower, such as the Aguilas Negras Unit (Black Eagles), Escuadron de Emergencias (Emergency Squadron), SUAT (SWAT), Radio Patrulla (Radio Patrol), and the Escuadron Verde (Green Squadron). 

23 clandestine brothels, 21 bars where drugs consumption was permitted, and a counterfeiting ring were shutdown thanks to the special operation commanded by General Salazar.

Large quantities of illegal drugs, fire arms, and knives were confiscated

Additionally, counterfeited U.S Dollars equaling US$96,000 were seized when Carlos Flilberto Tacsa Rodriguez (25) was caught carrying the false notes in a cardboard box near the Parque Universitaria in downtown Lima.  

General Salazar commented that operations of this magnitude will be carried out more frequently in an attempt to curb growing criminal activity in the Peruvian capital.