Nepalese airline apologizes to Peru for Machu Picchu ‘mix up’


Image used by Royal Nepal Airlines

(LIP-jl) — The Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Relations informed that Royal Nepal Airlines has issued a public apology to Peru for using the image of the Incan sanctuary Machu Picchu in an ad promoting tourism to the Himalayan country.

M.B. Khadka, regional director of Royal Nepal Airlines, sent a letter of apology to the Peruvian Embassy in India. In the letter, Khadka lamented the occurrence and any controversy that it may have caused between both countries.

Khadka explained that the incident was a mix up caused by the printing agency in charge of making the airline’s advertising posters.

Nonetheless, he stated that his company takes full responsibility and that the general manager who approved the use of the poster has been fired.

Both countries are interested in putting this incident behind them and focusing on efforts to increase tourism.

Nepal is actively promoting tourism in the hope that travelers will return to the Himalayan country to visit its snow-capped mountains and ancient temples after a long Maoist revolt while Peru is actively urging its residents to vote for Machu Picchu as a new world wonder in an internet voting contest(www.new7wonders.com).

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