SamoaFiber Holdings To Produce Bio-Oil In The Peruvian Amazon Region


(official press release by SamoaFiber Holdings, Inc.)

MEQUON, Wis./USA/Jan. 16, 2007 — After meeting with SamoaFiber Holdings’ CEO William L. New and other company executives on January 5 and 7, Loreto’s Regional President, Mr. Ivan Vasquez, announced during a press conference in Iquitos, January 12 that he’s been "coordinating with the national Executive (power) the start of an ambitious project aimed at producing bio-oil from the industrialization of cana brava (gynerium sagitatum), or SamoaFiber, which grows wildly throughout the Amazonian flood lands."

The regional president then added that the president of Peru, Dr. Alan Garcia Perez, "is very interested in the construction of a first bio-oil production plant in Loreto, taking into account that the cana brava plant (SamoaFiber) can turn 80 percent of its biomass into bio-oil, a product that will be exported bringing revenue to the country."

Lic. Vasquez also informed that SamoaFiber Holdings already has a two million ton per year request of bio-oil that will be exported to European and Asian markets, reason for which he commented: "We’re going to work this as a joint effort between those of us who think these resources should be managed under sustainable development practices to give the world much cleaner and dependable energy products." He then concluded with a brief explanation of bio-oil use in electric power generation and other purposes.

About SamoaFiber Holdings

SamoaFiber Holdings, Inc. (SFH) is commercializing the production of bio-oil with initial production to take place in Peru. SFH is developing plantations in Eastern Peru to grow the SamoaFiber plant and then further process the biomass into bio-oil via the proven fast pyrolysis (FP) processing method. FP plants are being established adjacent to the plantations and bio-oil shall be shipped to customers that require renewable fuels as mandated in Europe and the U.S. SFH is led by a management team that has extensive experience in acquiring and processing fiber into useful forms. Learn more at ‘http://sfiber.com‘.

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