Lima’s new electric train system may be operable by 2011

(LIP-wb) — The licitation process for concessions to build an electric train network in Peru’s capital of Lima is underway and the commuter system could begin operating on all routes before the current legislature concludes.

After presiding over the festivities of Lima’s 472nd anniversary, mayor Luis Castañeda Lossio, who was just reelected to another 4 year term in November, announced that the bidding for the train’s construction and operation is proceeding and the environment friendly system should be ready by 2011. The goal is to provide Peru’s capital with better service and quality in public transportation.

"The bidding process for concessions is almost finished and that was most difficult. The State doesn’t have to pay anything because handing out the concession is the City Hall’s full responsibility", the mayor advanced.

In an interview with CPN Radio, Castañeda emphasized that this concession would allow to count on a more profitable transport service from a social and economic point of view. He said it was regrettable that the on and off process has taken up so much time.

"The electric tramway project has always been in our drawers. Initial plans were made during President Garcia’s first term in office (1985-1990) it was never continued due to a chronic lack of funds. Now we have fought hard with our resuscitation efforts and we managed that the project survived", he referred.

In order to make swift progress, he advanced that he will soon discuss the topic in a meeting with Prime Minister Jorge del Castillo.

At the present time, the electric train only runs on a short route from Atocongo station in San Juan de Miraflores to Villa El Salvador. In the initial plan of 1986, the Independent Electric Train Authority (AATE) intended to cross the districts of Surquillo and San Borja.