Youngsters compete for Miss Teen International in Lima, Peru

0 Teen International pageant in Lima, Peru
Many beauty queens have already arrived in Lima, Peru for the "Miss Teen International 2007" pageant
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(LIP-wb) — Lima, Peru, the old "City of Kings", has temporarily become the world’s capital for international teen-aged beauty queens who have arrived to compete for the crown of the "Miss Teen International" beauty pageant.

The contest is widely considered as an entrance door to the big stage known as Miss Universe and Miss World.

In last year’s Miss Teen International pageant held in Costa Rica, Miss Teen Peru Jimena Lindo – which means "pretty" in Spanish – was the runner-up behind winner Mayra Mattos from Puerto Rico.

Leading up to the main event in Lima, this year’s contestants, 25 candidates between 15 and 19 years young, will go on tour across Peru with stops in cities such as Arequipa, Cusco, Ica and Trujillo. Teen Peru 2007, Gabriela Zapata
Miss Teen Peru 2007, 15 year old Gabriela Zapata
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The trip to Peru is quite costly or many contestants coming from overseas and they have to raise money from sponsors to pay for the plane ticket and expensive dresses.

“Until now, beauty queens from Canada, the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, the Ukraine, Russia, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Venezuela, have already arrived in Lima. Other candidates are expected within the next days", says Diego Alcalde, the event’s director.

"Of course, as the host country we hope that our own Miss Teen Peru, Gabriela Zapata, will be successful and wear the tiara at the end of the show", he adds in patriotic fashion.

"I am calm and I intend and have the desire to represent my country well. It will be tough. All the girls are very beautiful and anyone of us has it in her to win the crown. The pageant is wide open", 15 year old Gabriela says diplomatically.

The "Miss Teen International 2007" show will be held on February 10th at the Auditorium of the Parque de la Exposición and Panamericana Televisión will broadcast the event. Dominican Miss Teen International, Charismel Cruz
Charismel Cruz from the Dominican Rep. is considered an early favorite
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One of the early favorites is Charismel Cruz representing the Dominican Republic.

The 1,83 cm (6 ft) tall, brown skinned and brown eyed young lady caught the attention of photographers and journalists.

"I want to thank the Peruvian people because they have received me with open arms. It is my first time in Peru and it is simply spectacular", the 17 year old said.

"I am so honored to represent my country and I am sure that I will take the crown of Miss Teen International because I am very well prepared. I came here for the win and not taking a walk", Charismel advanced with a confident attitude.

"The new beauty queen will win international trips for a value of 5000 dollars", said the organizer.