Peru: Man is killed in his home after resisting robbery


(LIP-jl) — Although violent and severe crime is not uncommon in Peru, it certainly seems as if it is getting worse with every month that passes. In what is probably the most disturbing story that has surfaced lately, a young business man from the Limean district of La Molina was killed by 7 men who broke into his home early Friday morning.

Eustaquio Vila Flores (30), a hardworking textile business man and father of four, was ambushed by the robbers at his home at 1:30am Friday morning. Vila resisted to the robbers’ demands and was subsequently choked to death by one of the men.

Authorities have not yet released information on the identification of the murderers or their whereabouts.

It is not known whether or not the criminals took money or other valuables from Vila’s home after the murder.