Lima, Peru: Prison riot results in 2 deaths and 5 injured

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An external view of Miguel Castro Castro Prison
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(LIP-jl) — A prison riot erupted Sunday night in one of Peru’s largest prisons resulting in 2 deaths and 5 seriously injured inmates, according to the Peruvian Ministry of Justice.

Only one body has been identified by the Peruvian National Penitentiary Institute, Walter Avila Saavedra.

The seriously injured inmates, identified as Christian Calderon Mere, Christian Estasio Yungajayo, Marco Antonio Ortiz Flores, Carlos Chua Dominquez, and Fernando Urquiaga Varela, were evacuated and taken to nearby Hipolito Unanue Hospital.

The Peruvian National Penitentiary Institute provided medical care on the scene to inmates who were not seriously injured.

According to authorities, the incident occurred between inmates from pavilions 4-B and 1-B.

Reportedly, the inmates were not content with their elected inmate representatives. The inmates accused them of mishandling their responsibilities and abusing their authority.