Barranco, Peru: Mayor deems ban of alcohol sales a success

00Barranco Mayor Mezarina
Mayor Felipe Mezarina talks to the press as he enforces Plan Zanahoria in Barranco.
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(LIP-jl) — In a massive operation conducted in association with the Peruvian National Police and the municipal government of Barranco, ‘Plan Zanahoria’ proved to be a success, according to Barranco’s mayor, Felipe Mezarina.

Plan Zanahoria, incorporated into Barranco municipal code last week, prohibits the sale of all alcoholic beverages after 11pm in all establishments.

More than 200 police officers accompanied Mezarina as he inspected restaurants, bars, night clubs, pubs, and stores this weekend.

As a result, one night club was closed on Avenida Balta for not having the proper operating licenses and permits, and 2 other night clubs located in the popular Boulevard de Barranco, were cited for selling alcohol after 11pm.

Mezarina stated that he would continue with the weekly inspections until order is restored to one of Lima’s oldest districts.

He thanked business owners for their cooperation in complying with the new ordinance.

The majority of Barranco’s residents, tired of drugs, robberies, and alcohol related accidents, support the mayor and the ordinance.