Peru: Dutch woman caught with 3.4 kilos of cocaine at Lima airport

(LIP-jl) — Apparently, people still believe they can beat the odds at Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport. A risky decision since serving years in a Peruvian prison is the normal punishment for being a so-called ‘drug mule.’

This time a Dutch citizen was caught as she attempted to smuggle 3.4 kilos of pure cocaine past Peruvian Customs authorities.

Sharon De La Cruz (36) evaded Customs agents at the first control point, but unfortunately for her, numerous metal bracelets packed in her suitcase set off a metal detector prompting authorities to investigate the cause for the alarm.

Much to their surprise, 10 bags of pure cocaine packed in black polyethylene, a type of plastic that is resistant to chemicals and moisture and commonly used to evade drug-sniffing canines, were concealed underneath the contents of her suitcase.

De La Cruz stated she had been in Lima as a tourist for 7 days and that she was delivering the suitcase to someone in Spain in exchange for US$2000.

She denied any knowledge of the contents of the suitcase.