Success: 4 year old girl’s arm reattached by Peruvian doctors

00Luz after the successful operation
Young Luz Estefanie being cared for after the successful operation that reattached her arm.

(LIP-jl) — A young Peruvian girl’s arm was successfully reattached by a team of doctor’s from the Peruvian National Institute of Children’s Health (INSN in Spanish) yesterday.

Lus Estafanie Macchiavelo del Castillo (4) lost her arm when a ‘moto-taxi’ (a cross between a motorcycle and a carriage that serves as a taxi in many provincial areas of Peru) ran over her in the small jungle town of Juanjui, located in the department of San Martin.

After the terrible accident, young Luz was taken to an area hospital. However, due to the lack of specialists and adequate medical equipment in San Martin, she was transferred to the INSN in Lima.

Doctor Normy Wieslava, head of the Microsurgery department at INSN, led a team of doctors and specialists, including plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, trauma and heart specialists, throughout the successful operation.

The director of the INSN, Adrian Ramirez, commented that the operation was possible because Luz’s arm was stored in proper conidtions (ice), which enabled it to remain in optimal condition for the surgery.