Mysterious robbery: Armed robbers steal over US$60,000 from business man in Lima, Peru

(LIP-jl) — 4 armed men shot and robbed a business man and his accountant shortly after withdrawing over US$60,000 from a bank in the Limean district of San Isidro yesterday.

Oscar Montes Vivas, owner of the construction company "Montes Hermanos," his two sisters Pilar and Nelly Montes Vivas, and his accountant withdrew S/200,000 (US$62,500) from the Banco de la Nacion branch located in San Isidro yesterday to pay for employee salaries and other business expenses.

Once the group exited the bank, they got into their car and headed east on Javier Prado Avenue towards San Borja.

Moments later they were cut off and intercepted by 4 armed gunmen in a dark blue Peugeot sedan. The gunman approached Montes’s car and without saying one word opened fire, striking Oscar Montes in the shoulder and his accountant in the leg.

The men got away with the money and according to Montes, "they knew exactly what to look for."

Adding to this suspicious incident, Montes reported that there was a delay of approximately 1/2 an hour while he was making the withdrawal at the Bank, something which is very uncommon according to Montes.

To make matters worse, police officers did not arrive on the scene until approximately 15 minutes after the shootings, enabling the gunmen to make a clean getaway.

Montes is expected to recover from his wound but his accountant, Pilar Ramos Uchuya, may have to have her leg amputated.

According to authorities, the ammunition used by the gunmen where expanding bullets, commonly called dum-dum bullets. These bullets fragment upon impact causing greater blood loss and trauma.

There is still no word as to the whereabouts of the criminals or from representatives of Banco de la Nacion regarding the strange delay during the transaction.