Peru: Police sting targets taxi drivers who prey on tourists at Lima airport

00Jorge Chavez Airport
Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport

(LIP-jl) — More than 500 Peruvian police agents took part in a massive sting operation targeting false taxi drivers who prey and rob tourists at Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport yesterday.

The operation, named "Impacto 2007," was in response to the growing number of robberies and reports made by tourists who said they were robbed by men pretending to be taxi drivers.

Police vehicles surrounded the road next to the ‘International Arrivals’ section and investigated every single taxi that passed through.

General Octavio Salazar, Chief of the seventh division of the Peruvian National Police, qualified the surprise operation as "successful."

"We took 14 vehicles out of airport traffic circulation for various charges and warrants. It is our belief that some of the drivers taken in yesterday were there to take advantage of unsuspecting tourists entering our country," stated Salazar.

While this operation is a step in the right direction, there is still much more that has to be done.

Until then, it is always a good idea to take airport authorized taxis (although they can be much more expensive), or if you are staying at a hotel, have someone from the hotel pick you up.