Peruvian lawyer threatened in Tijuana Drug Cartel case

00TJ Drug Cartel members
Members from the infamous Tijuana Drug Cartel listen as their sentences are read

(LIP-jl) — A day after a Peruvian court issued sentences against members of the infamous Tijuana Drug Cartel, the district attorney, Pedro Chavez Rivas, received death threats for requesting greater sentences.

The alleged head of the branch in Peru was sentenced to 25 years while the other members were sentenced to 9 years. Chavez argued that all of the members should be classified as heads and sentenced accordingly.

According to Chavez, an unidentified man called him and said, "Don’t try to flex your muscle too much or the same thing that happened to your colleague could happen to you."

The unidentified man was referring to the July 19 murder of Hernan Saturno Vergara, a Peruvian judge who was part of a special tribunal deciding the fate of the cartel members.

Saturno was gunned down by henchmen while he was eating in a restaurant with a family member.

Chavez made these declarations last night when he appeared on a Peruvian political television show.