Today’s lunch special: Peruvian guinea pig?

0 anyone?
Anyone for a heaping helping of guinea pig?

(LIP-jl) — Yes, guinea pig meat may be a menu option for those living outside of Peru in the future if the Association of Peruvian Exporters (ADEX) has anything to do with it.

Guinea pigs (called cuy in Peru), originally eaten by the Incas, are commonly eaten in Peru and can even be found skinned and shrink wrapped in foam trays in supermarket meat sections.

ADEX has stated that the potential for guinea pig meat to grow outside of Peru is tremendous given its high nutritional value. Protein in guinea pig meat accounts for 20.3% in comparison to just 18% in beef.

The 2006 export figures are very small, totaling just US$56,192 with Peruvian residents in the United States accounting for the bulk of the shipments.

One of the main factors for the small export figures is that Peruvian guinea pigs breeders are very unfamiliar with exporting procedures and thus deterred from increasing their exporting potential.

ADEX hopes that the idea of eating guinea pig meat becomes more acceptable in the global community due to its high nutritional value, much like ostrich meat.

And who knows? Ten years from now, you just might be able to order a guinea pig steak or even a guinea pig sandwich from your favorite neighborhood restaurant.

I’ll have mine without claws please!