Peruvian congress grants US military permission to enter Peru

00Training exercise
US military forces & the Peruvian Air Force will take part in a joint training exercise in northern Peru this month.

(LIP-jl) — An unspecified number of members from the United States armed forces were granted authorization by the Peruvian Congress to enter Peru to participate in a joint military training exercise.

The training exercise, named "Falcon and Condor 2007" will include the participation of the Peruvian Air Force and will take place in an area near Chiclayo, approximately 780 kilometers north of Lima.

The Peruvian Congress was quick to squash rumors that the joint military exercise is the first step in allowing the installation of United States military bases in the Andean nation.

However, Peruvian authorities did not deny nor affirm that the joint exercise is the first step in allowing the resumption of the anti drug-air-interception program.

The program was suspended in 2001 when a Peruvian military aircraft erroneously shot down a small plane over the Peruvian jungle, killing an American woman and her daughter.

The training exercise will be held February 5th through the 20th.