Peruvian Pisco exports grew 43% in 2006


(LIP-jl) — The Association of Peruvian Exporters (ADEX in Spanish) released a report informing that Peruvian Pisco exports grew by 43% in 2006.

The actual total of pisco exports reached US$647,680, a relatively small amount when compared to other products.

Nonetheless, the amount represented a 43% increase in pisco exports and that number is expected to increase even more during 2007 as Peruvian pisco becomes more accessible in global markets.

According to ADEX, Peruvian pisco has excellent global potential and is still widely unknown throughout the world.

Past figures support ADEX’s claim as there was only a 7% increase in pisco exports in 2004/2005.

The United States was the largest pisco importer, accounting for 76% (US$489,075) of all pisco exports. When compared to figures from 2005, United States pisco imports jumped nearly 90%.

Other countries that imported the Peruvian grape brandy were (in order) Spain, Germany, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, France, Venezuela, and Japan.