In Lima, Peru, February is high season for water balloons and squirt guns

http://filer.livinginperu.com/news/img/carneval2007.jpg514418Limean kids searching for targets on Carnival
Limean kids searching for potential targets on Carnival
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(LIP-wb) — In Lima, the month of February is Carnival. This means open season on pedestrians and cars with anything that can propel water–up to and including 5-gallon buckets. You must be constantly on the look out for pranksters from every window, balcony or rooftop.

Water balloons and squirt guns are the weapons of choice. An attack can be quite startling when one is unaware. As you might imagine, not everyone enjoys the waterworks, which brings even more delight to the attackers.

However, throwing water balloons at an unanticipating passerby is also considered an act of violence and therefore illegal. Police patrols temporarily detained over one hundred teenagers and adults over the first weekend alone.

Identities were taken and minors had to be picked up from police stations by their parents.