Police seize over 150 kilos of cocaine in Lima, Peru

00drug bust
Authorities seized over 150 kilos of cocaine in Lima yesterday, reportedly worth up to US$6 million in places like Europe and the US.

(LIP-jl) — Authorities from Peru’s Anti-Drug Division seized over 150 kilograms of pure cocaine in the Limean district of Ate Vitarte yesterday.

The drugs were found in a parking garage on Jose Carlos Mariategui Avenue, concealed inside of a truck supposedly carrying auto-parts.

One man was arrested but authorities have yet to release the suspect’s name fearing that doing so would hinder the ongoing investigation.

According to law enforcement authorities, the drugs were part of a shipment that arrived from the southern Peruvian city of Moquegua.

Authorities reported that the total value of the seized cocaine could exceed US$6 million in places like Europe and the United States due to its high state of purity, while reaching only US$375,000 in the Peruvian market.