Lima, Peru: Police say man kidnapped himself

00Ruiz Cruzado
Oscar Ruiz Cruzado reportedly simulated his own kidnapping hoping to collect a ransom from his own family.

(LIP-jl) — Police have informed that a man who was reportedly kidnapped a few days ago actually simulated his own kidnapping hoping to collect a large ransom from his family.

Oscar Ruiz Cruzado, reappeared yesterday at his family’s restaurant at 2:30pm saying that he was kidnapped by men from a kidnapping ring headed by a Colombian man.

According to Peruvian Police Chief, Jorge Mejia Asanza, Ruiz Cruzado’s goal was to collect a ransom of S/300,000 (US$93,750) from his family, owners of various restaurants in Lima.

According to authorities, Ruiz Cruzado contradicted himself throughout the police interrogation and eventually confessed to the shameful act.

"His story was incredible! He actually called his own mother asking for a ransom of S/300,000. He negotiated for two days but because the negotiations fell apart, he returned home," said the police chief.