Peru resumes diplomatic relations with Venezuela on March 1st

(LIP-wb) — Peru’s Ministry for Foreign Relations informed that it will reestablish diplomatic relations with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in less than three weeks.

An official note states the Peruvian Government has designated Dr. Luis SantaMaria Calderón as ambassador and he will assume his function on March 1st.

Relations between Peru and Venezuela had deteriorated as a result of Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez’s interference in Peru’s presidential race last year. Chávez openly promoted Nationalist candidate Ollanta Humala, who lost the elections to Alan Garcia.

Garcia and Chávez exchanged verbal insults for months and both embassies were vacated after the withdrawal of both ambassadors.

About a month ago, during the Latin American Summit in Quito, Ecuador, Chavez and Garcia shook hands for the first time since the quarrel and buried the hatchet.