Peruvian expatriates in Spain request more and equal rights

(LIP-wb) — Peruvian residents in Spain form a respected and well-integrated community but they are confronted with problems that prevent their development on a personal and professional level. This was stated by the Peruvian ambassador to Spain, José Luis Pérez Sánchez-Cerro, in a conversation with EFE news agency. Two of the main restrictions appear to be the homologation of university titles and equal access to housing and real estate.

During a visit to the city of Salamanca, the diplomat indicated that the Peruvian colony consists of about 150,000 compatriots who are in its majority “outstanding professionals and middle class workers that are perfectly integrated” into the Spanish society.

Although they enjoy an overall good situation, Pérez Sánchez-Cerro indicated that the greatest problem for Peruvians is “the homologation of professional titles, in spite of an agreement that exists between both countries”.

Another limitation is the difficulty of gaining equal access to social housing plans. But Peruvians have "adjusted and responded quite good, they have been able to surpass these difficulties with extra effort and inventiveness", he told EFE.

On the subject of illegal immigration, he stated that many compatriots are not affected because of two bilateral agreements between both states.

One of the agreements regulates the system of dual citizenship and the second would demonstrate that there is not a fixed contingent of Peruvian workers with access to the Spanish labor market.