Peru’s Premier calls report in Chile’s ‘El Mercurio’ newspaper an infamy

(LIP-wb) — Peru’s Prime Minister Jorge del Castillo considered that critical forces of president Alan Garcia’s government induced the Chilean newspaper "El Mercurio" to publish an article that contained information related to a possible pact between Peru’s governing APRA party and the party of Alberto Fujimori to avoid the extradition of Peru’s ex-president from Chile.

Del Castillo remarked that that journalistic report is an infamy and that it has been vehemently rejected by president Garcia and even by congresswoman Keiko Fujimori, Alberto Fujimori’s daughter, who, according to the article, supposedly would have met in private with the current Chief of State.

“It is absurd to even think that the president of Peru would have tried to prevent or to overthrow a ruling of the Chilean Supreme Court”, he said.

Peruvian Defense Minister Alan Wagner said “the diplomatic relations with Chile cannot be ifluenced by journalistic information”. He also stated that he doesn’t believe the article had something to do with a recent maritime border dispute that was recently nourished by a Chilean government resolution.

Wagner stated the Peruvian position to its territorial limits with the Chile is clear and the subject of maritime boundaries is about to determine itself. He hopes that it is solved through diplomatic channels, through international treaties and the law.