Hugo Chavez invites Peru’s Garcia to energy summit in Caracas

00Happy Days
Best friends? Chavez and Garcia will have the opportunity to greet each other on April 16 & 17 in Caracas, Venezuela.

(LIP-jl) — Far are the days when Peru and Venezuela pulled their respective ambassadors from each other’s territories after their leaders exchanged verbal jabs at one another.

The friendship between Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Peruvian President Alan Garcia seems to be prospering just fine after their reconciliation last year.

The outspoken Venezuelan leader, who quarreled with former President Alejandro Toledo and then with candidate Alan Garcia, has officially invited Garcia to the South American Energy Summit to be held in Caracas on April 16 and 17.

"Mr. President: I am convinced that we share the same view regarding energy resources and their fundamental roles in reaching that much desired balance in government. We also share the same views on reducing poverty and insecurity among our populations in our America. It is for these reasons that we request your presence at the South American Energy Summit in Caracas on the April 16 and 17," read the invitation.

The letter was dated January 18 and released yesterday by the Peruvian Governmental Palace Press Secretary.

"The day that the universe finds its equilibrium, justice and equality will have prevailed and peace and fraternity will preside over relationships between our people, much like the ideas of the great freedom fighter Simon Bolivar," stated the letter.

At the end of the letter Hugo Chavez asked Garcia to "convey his affection and his feeling of brotherhood from the Venezuelan people to all Peruvians."