Peru: Security guard severely wounded during robbery in Miraflores

(LIP-wb) — Serenazgo watchman Martín Chávez Alvarez is in serious condition after he was shot twice while he and two colleagues were pursuing four suspects who had just robbed the "Donatello" restaurant, located on block 10 of Av. Jose Pardo in Lima’s Miraflores district.

Chávez was hit by two bullets, one in the abdomen and one in the leg.

The other two watchmen were also hit but their injuries are not that serious. Christopher Moreno Vélez took a bullet that grazed his abdomen and Bernardo Soto fell off his motorcycle during the chase and injured his right leg.

While being chased by the four watchmen last night, the four delinquents blew a tire on their getaway car and then tried to continue their escape on foot when the shooting began. The suspects were arrested and are now in police custody.