Limeans prefer sexual relationships with their loving partners

(LIP-wb) — Apparently Limeños have changed their opinion with respect to love, sex and marriage. At least according to the results of a survey called “Regarding Valentine’s Day: a liberal vision for traditional subjects?”, spread today by the Institute of Public Opinion of the Pontifical Catholic University (PUCP).

Although for 61% of the participants, sex and love are two different things , 64% considered that sexual relations are more enjoyable with partners you love. In that sense, 64% of Limeños think that a happy marriage depends on a satisfactory sexual life.

Interesting results also when people opined on the ultimate mission of sex. Only 15% consider that sex is for having children and nothing else, 6% stated that it is purely pleasure, and 77% find that aiming for a balance between both is the most satisfactory situation.

"The population has become less conservative which could be expected, with a surprisingly more liberal middle-class, in many aspects”, explained Roberto Lerner, psychology professor at PUCP.

In spite of the recent controversy on notarial divorce, 68% of the questioned disagree with the belief that a marriage is old-fashioned, although 47% don’t consider it necessary to formalize a relationship to be happy. The power of love.

There is also a noticeable majority when it comes to the "virginity until marriage" issue, a commonly feared barrier among catholic Peruvians. 52% said they were against the idea that a woman goes into a marriage as a virgin, and 60% said it didn’t matter if a man had sexual experience before exchanging vows.

Apparently the infallible opinion of the Catholic Church is no longer as influential as it was long ago. 34% said they do not pay much attention when subjects are touched that go beyond the prelates areas of experience. Currently 70% of Lima’s population think it is a good idea to live together before marrying, which is a sin according to the Vatican.

“The results of the survey indicate that morality and sexuality are changing towards more flexibility and more openness”, says Pierina Traverso, another PUCP psychology professor.

The survey was conducted in 31 districts of the Peruvian capital and 438 people participated.