Peru: Lima’s Costa Verde will become beach promenade

http://filer.livinginperu.com/news/img/CostaVerde_Miraflores.jpg800600Lima's Costa Verde
Lima’s Costa Verde as seen today from Miraflores

(LIP-wb/jl) — The 4-lane highway that follows Lima’s Costa Verde may soon be transformed from Peru’s unofficial high speed raceway into a snail-paced, pedestrian friendly boulevard.

This is the vision of a document dubbed "The updated Masterplan for the Costa Verde 1995-2010", approved by the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima and published yesterday in the bulletin for legal norms in the government newspaper El Peruano.

According to the report, the Costa Verde will be aimed at attracting pedestrian traffic and will not have any buildings or structures between the road and the ocean shore.

On the other side of the roadway, a bicycle lane, bus stops, parking areas, landscaped areas, and a walkway will be implemented as integral parts of this ambitious plan.

Buildings and structures will be permitted on this side of the boulevard, as long as they do not exceed a certain hight and follow strict architectural guidelines that support the ecological balance of the area and do not impede the ocean view.

The project must be defined, presented, and approved within 120 business days so that Lima’s city council can ratify it and include its specifications on zoning and architectural issues.