Surf boards made in Peru are making waves

http://filer.livinginperu.com/news/img/mulanovich_peru_surf_boards.jpg600450Sofia Mulanovich
The achievements of Peruvian surfing sensation Sofia Mulanovich are among the reasons why Peruvian surf boards have gained a solid reputation in the surfing circuit.
© John Fowler
(LIP-jl) — Peruvian products are continuing to gain worldwide acceptance and notoriety for their exceptional quality and workmanship. Now you can add surf boards made in Peru to that list.

Peru’s Association of Exporters (ADEX in Spanish) announced that Peruvian surf boards were sold in the United States, Chile, Japan, Venezuela, and New Zealand, among other countries, with total exports reaching US$364,069 in 2006.

Although the numbers are relatively low, the export figures represent a dramatic increase when compared to recent years.

Among the reasons attributed for the increase is the dominance of Peruvian surfing queen Sofia Mulanovich in the worldwide surfing scene.

The United States imported 51% of the total exports of Peruvian surf boards, with Japan (9%), New Zealand (6%), Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Panama, El Salvador, and Mexico making up the rest of the list of importers.

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