No horsing around: Authorities in Peru seize 3 tons of horse meat


(LIP-jl) — Authorities in Peru made startling news yesterday when they seized over 3 tons of horse and donkey meat from a truck that was on its way to deliver the meat to a northern Limean market.

Authorities detained Modesto Mendoza Cardenas (42), and Elmer Garcia Victoria (36) on Javier Prado Avenue in the district of Monterrico.

Authorities also confiscated 150 kilograms (330lbs) of horse and donkey hearts and tongues.

The horse and donkey meat was going to be distributed to various stands in the Caqueta Market, located in the northern Limean district of San Martin De Porres.

According to police chief Walter Rivera, the meat was going to be sold to unsuspecting consumers as beef.

The seizure was the result of a 6 month investigation. Rivera also informed that a clandestine slaughterhouse located in Lurin (southern Lima) was responsible for supplying the majority of the meat.