Suez Energy looks to expand presence in Peru

(LIP-jl) — Peru’s energy sector received great news today. Manlio Alessi, Executive President of the energy company Suez Energy Andino, announced that his company is looking to expand its operations in Peru.

The core of their new operations will be focused on electric-generation.

According Alessi, two projects are currently in the works: a hydroelectric plant and a natural gas powered thermal-generation plant.

Alessi also mentioned that Suez Energy Andina will try to participate in the construction and operation of the gas pipeline system that will distribute natural gas from southern Peru as well.

Suez Energy Andina has also expressed its interest to enter the forthcoming expansion of the Peru’s liquified gas industry, which is expected to increase dramatically after new natural gas reserves were discovered in the Andes mountains last year.

Suez is currently in charge of bringing natural gas from the Camisea Project to the Peruvian capital.