Peru’s president assures Peru is heading in right direction

00Peru's Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia urged Peruvians to "invest in Peru."

(LIP-jl) — Peruvian President Alan Garcia affirmed that Peru is heading down the correct path and that nothing will stop it from becoming the leading country in South America.

The Peruvian leader invoked all Peruvians, both rich and poor, to invest as much as they possibly can in Peru and to explore exporting options that will benefit all Peruvians in the long run.

"Foreigners who invest in Peru will earn more money then they can in any other country. Peruvians who set up small or medium-sized businesses will have the opportunity to make even more money. That is the investment cycle that we should all take part in and take advantage of," emphasized Garcia.

Garcia called for the creation of more factories, small businesses, financial advisory groups, and loans for those who have a will to work for Peru’s well-being.

"The moment has come to board the grand train. It’s getting ready to leave," commented Peru’s leader.